Gentle Qigong

Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Starts: 6:30 PM

Self healing Qigong involves moving energy through your body. Gentle, slow movements stimulate qi in the body. Qi is universal life energy. When energy is flowing freely throughout the body, pain and tension are alleviated in the body and mind. Qigong was designed so that it can also be practiced for daily exercise and health by everybody. Qigong can be easily modified to fit everyone’s level of fitness. Research shows the enormous benefits of Qigong on health and well being. It is something everyone needs to experience!
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  • The Conscious Nest is an amazing community. I started going to the Nest back in 2008 and have been studing different cultures, religions and spiritualities in depth since 2003.  Since that time, I have attended a variety of classes including Mediumship, Ghost Hunting, Drum Circles, Moon/Wind Lodges and other community based activities.  Each class is taught by a well educated instructor.  These concepts have many different presentations in the different cultures, religions and spiritualities of the world.  I myself am a melting pot of beliefs.  The instructors may be Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, etc and teach based on that viewpoint, but they welcome anyone with an interest in learning.  You do not have to be a specific religion/spirituality to take part, enjoy and learn.  So whether or not you want to explore your spirituality, learn about different beliefs or just hang out with a great group of folks, I highly recommend heading towards the Conscious Nest.

    Nicholas Rhodes
     / Web Developer