Allyson (Ally) Harris

I am a Shamanic Practitioner, specilzing in "burying your dead."  I help you to "bury" the dead baggage you carry that weighs you down and keeps you from moving forward.  I use various techniques to do this - sometimes simple conversation can steer me toward what needs to be buried.  Sometimes its a combination of conversation and using a "deboning tool" to gently scrape away the dead in your energy field.  Give me a call at 216-970-4198, or call and leave a message on The Conscious Nest Community's phone (216-692-0325).  Let me help you unencumber yourself so you can freely move forward.

I also teach the Medicine Wheel/Sacred Circle Teachings.  You can find a link to my own Teacher's site in the "Links" section here on this site.

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  • We just reserved The Conscious Nest facility for a 65th Birthday Celebration for my sister. We had many relatives attend what turned out to be a wonderful event. The accommodations were superb. Ally was a wonderful hostess who made sure that our every need was met. The parking was more than ample. The building is beautiful inside and out. The grounds are well manicured. The kitchen contained everything that we needed. We had more than enough tables and chairs. We also had room to have Diana Hadley (Cartoon Portraits By Blondie) set up shop and draw her very special portraits of each of our party guests. All-in-all we could not have picked a better venue for our party. A GREAT time was had by all. We can't wait to schedule The Conscious Nest for our next event.

    Jerry Kliot / A Friend of The Nest

    Jerry Kilot